June 26, 2013

President: Breanna Bell-Sendelbach

Breanna Bell-Sendelbach

Alumni President


Greater Lowell Technical High School
Class of 2003, CADD/Architectural Drafting
Bridgewater State College, 2007
Operations Coordinator, Direct Sourcing

When did you become an alumni member?

What is your favorite SkillsUSA event to participate in as an alumnus?

The Fall State Leadership Conference! It’s so rewarding to know that you can help people learn and succeed.

What do you feel most proud of as an alumni?
I’m most proud of all alumni members. We are so diverse and have different personalities and life experiences, but we work together so well. We truly are a family.


What SkillsUSA moment had the most impact on you?

At the end of a FSLC who came up to me with tears in their eyes and said, “I truly did not believe I could accomplish everything this weekend, and you told me I could. You believed in me when you didn’t even know me and you stood behind what you said by helping me. Thank you.” I always try to remember that moment, it still gives me the chills and touches me heart.

What skills did you gain by being a SkillsUSA Student/Alumni member?

Leadership, professional encouragement, delegation, public speaking, enthusiasm in difficult and stressful circumstances, time management, organization, and so many more!

What has being an alumni member taught you?

Patience and kindness are priceless. Sometimes you just have to tell someone you believe in them to make them believe in themselves. And once that happens, they are unstoppable.


Describe your hopes for the future of the alumni association.

I hope we continue to grow and explode into an even larger network of incredible individuals that can support and promote each other.