District Conferences

1900324_680447551999015_169483395_oSkillsUSA Massachusetts hosts six district conferences throughout the state to determine the competitors for the upcoming State Conference, at the beginning on May. The conferences are held between the end of February- through the beginning weeks of March. Each school sends 3 to 4 students to compete per competition. The competitions consist of a written SkillsUSA employment skills test and a written trade knowledge test.


I have had the pleasure to not only participate as a student but also volunteer as an alumnus. I find the district conferences to be fun and exciting for both the students and alumni. The students arrive in the morning and they get to see and experience a smaller version of the opening ceremony to see just how amazing our organization is! After they have concluded with the opening ceremony, each competition is called and the students are escorted to their assigned location to compete. Once they have concluded all their tests they break for a nice lunch and then get to head down to the exciting social we put on for them. The students let off some steam and de-stress after their long day of competing.


Our volunteers do a great job helping with the state staff and all the students throughout the day. Without them taking time out of their busy schedules these conferences wouldn’t be as successful. They hurry to get students to their competition locations, help setup and take down any and all equipment, and are there well into the evening making sure the school is put back to its original state.


Good Luck to All the students competing in this year’s District Conferences!


Amanda Laferriere

SkillsUSA Massachusetts Alumni Secretary

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