FSLC Recap

What do you get when you mix 400 high school students and 40 Alumni members together? You have the recipe for success! Over the course of 3 days, I had the privilege to watch the students transform into much more than leaders. These students worked tirelessly on their projects, leadership books, and trainings. Most importantly I saw a spark come alive within each and every one of them! The drive these students have to put their best foot forward is inspiring. These are our future leaders and that makes the world a better place!


When the students arrived on Sunday, the alumni had already been there for over 30 hours preparing supplies, setting up the community service project, preparing team rooms and preparing themselves for 3 long days full of nothing but fun! I am happy to report that the community service project at the MetroWest YMCA Summer Camp in Hopkinton, MA was another success and the future campers will get to have another amazing summer experience. The students also enjoyed a night of fun! Whether they were at the dance, open mic night, game tables, or the movie, everyone was ready for their midnight curfew!


The projects completed this year continue to amaze me. The students are constantly raising the bar on the amount of work that can be accomplished in such a short amount of time! Although the competition between teams and projects is always high, the most important award the students, and some teachers and alumni, earn is their Leader Award. Every student completed the requirements, as well as several teachers. Our very own alumni volunteer, Danyl Williams, earned her leader award in ONE DAY!


I personally want to thank every member of the Alumni team for their efforts! Along with inspiring students, we signed up over 100 new alumni members, raised funds to continue to support our team, charities and scholarships, and made a difference in many lives!


Thank you is not enough!


Jaylene dosSantos

Vice President

SkillsUSA Massachusetts Alumni and Friends

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