2013 Fall State Leadership Conference

The 2013 Fall State Leadership Conference is right around the corner! I personally wish to invite all of you to volunteer for this extremely rewarding conference. I have had the most extraordinary time at each and every one of these conferences; from the both times I participated as a student, continuing through all TEN of the FSLC I’ve volunteered at since. I honestly cannot believe this will be my eleventh conference as an alumni member. If you have been to the conference before as an alumni, then I’m sure you are also eager for this year’s Fall Leadership Conference. If you are someone who has never participated at this conference as an alumni member, then please let me tell you what happens to make this my favorite conference throughout the year, and how easy it is to sign up!

First, expect the unexpected! Every year is different; a different conference theme, a different group of amazing students, and a different group of alumni you work with closely. Students travel in from every technical high school in the state. From there they are separated into seven teams. Each team then breaks up into six other small groups for competition. On top of asking each student to compete in their individual teams, we also challenge them to earn their Leadership Pins by demonstrating knowledge of leadership qualities. Our role as alumni is to serve as team leaders and mentors to the 430+ students participating at this conference! We encourage them, motivate them, believe in them, and are so proud when they accomplish greatness during and at the end of the conference. You should expect to be exhausted, but overjoyed, by the closing ceremonies, because the students on your team put 100% into every obstacle thrown at them, and because you get to be there to toss aside any amount of doubt they have in their ability to conquer them.

For me, the Fall State Leadership Conference is the reason I participate in SkillsUSA as an alumni. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a student see the great potential they possess. Every year I am blown away by how hardworking and determined the students at this conference are. At the end of each Fall Leadership Conference I’ve volunteered at, I have considered myself extremely blessed to have gotten to serve at the conference, and am always touched when a student, who was a stranger three days prior, says “Thank You,” to me wholeheartedly. As alumni, we get to play small but important parts in their SkillsUSA experiences.

I hope I’ve convinced you to sign up! Signing up is easy, and should only take about five minutes! Just click here!

-Breanna Bell
Massachusetts SkillsUSA Alumni Historian

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